Below are photos taken from the Carr Fire in Redding, and the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.


Whiskeytown Lake, Redding CA

Whiskeytown Lake is where the Carr Fire originated. The fire was so powerful that it melted several boats on the lake.


Steve Bustillos

Bustillos is the only survivor of the fire tornado. Shown are the burn and scratch marks he endured while hiding under a bulldozer during the Carr Fire.

Photo Provided By: Steve and Carrie Bustillos


harlan drive destruction

Melted Christmas lights found on a tree on Harlan Drive in Redding, CA. The house was completely burned to the ground.


The very Beginning

Taken at a community college in Redding, the first day of the fire.

Photo Credit: Chris Rosero


Near whiskeytown lake

A pair of melted children's sunglasses found in the Whiskeytown Lake Recreation Area, near the remnants of a burned car.


Camp Fire aftermath

Taken at his father’s house in Paradise, CA, former SOU student Eli Stillman took pictures of what remained after the Camp Fire.

Photo Credit: Eli Stillman